The Art of Falling and Rising

Back in the spring of 2020

Explore the Go4Life strategies and the Feldenkrais Method® for a series of Awareness Through Movement lessons that will help you maintain balance, land with softness and rise in a variety of ways.  Curiosity is the key to exploring gravity and the ground that supports us.  Open to all ages and abilities.  Be assured that no demands will be placed on you that are beyond your ability. 


You will learn how to:

  • Techniques to reduce the likelihood of falling

  • Fall with style, ease and flexibility

  • Land with softness

  • Rise in a variety of ways.

  • Gain insight to how you move

  • Learn skeletal connection to your movements

  • Respond to life more spontaneously and with confidence

  • Stand steady

  • Walk with more “giddy-up” in your step.

  • Find balance and keep it.

  • Gravity is your friend, really it is.

  • Avoid tripping hazards

  • Head protection and footwear

Class schedule:

For maximum benefit, participating sequentially in the 6-week class is recommended. That be said, drop-ins are welcome and make-ups are provided.

Class 1 –  Introduction to Go4Life strategies and the Feldenkrais Method® and how Awareness Through Movement lessons can enrich your ability to move with greater ease and comfort.

Gliding in and out of your seat.  Discover the uniqueness of the Feldenkrais method® with Awareness Through Movement ®(ATM) lesson that explores sitting with softness, and reversing the movement to stand.   You’ll discover how to welcome the support of the ground even if you chose to stay seated for entire lesson.

Class 2 -  Learn how to use gravity to leverage yourself up by using your arms, head and legs with an Awareness Through Movement®(ATM) floor lesson.   This lesson activates the spine and leads to better awareness in all our parts involved in leveraging yourself off the floor.

Roll and Reversibility:  Knowing where you are in space helps will help you to use gravity and the floor to your advantage.  

Class 3 – Uncover the importance and the power of the pelvis and mobility of the spine to improve balance.  This Awareness Through Movement lesson provides the skills you need to spiral to the floor and back up in a variety of creative ways.

The Power of Habits:  Recognizing your habitual movements will help your muscles become more amenable to change.  A supple spine can relieve pain, enhance flexibility, help you down to the floor and back up and to stay independent. 

Class 4 – Leverage yourself from the floor: Learn how your head, arms and legs are used to leverage yourself on the floor and back up again.

Class 5 – Counter Balance:  Let curiosity be your guide as you discover how to use gravity to mobilize the spine, your shoulders with ease and comfort.

Class 6Walking Through the Seasons.  We walk… a lot, through ice, snow, slush and ever changing challenging conditions.  Walking is so much more than plunking one foot in front of the other, and anyone who has fallen will tell you it’s not that easy.  Discover ways to walk with ease, with efficiency, with a “giddy-up” to your step.  From the roll of your foot, to the swagger in your pelvis you will experience the fundamental concepts that propel you forward and inform your balance.

Take home guides and recordings will be available so you can continue to move with confidence.

Questions:  Call Dotti Harness-Foster, Feldenkrais Practitioner at 907-299-6789 cell/text.

Thanks to the State of Alaska, Dept. of Health & Social Services Div. of Public Health.

Thanks to the State of Alaska, Dept. of Health & Social Services Div. of Public Health.

Thanks to the American Parkinson’s Disease Foundation

Thanks to the American Parkinson’s Disease Foundation