Finding Balance and Keeping It.

Back in the spring of 2020.

Instructor: Dotti Harness-Foster, 907-299-6789 cell/text

Whether in a saddle, on the deck of a boot in sloppy seas, a on kite or paddle board, on the dance, on crutches, in your office, finding balance seated and standing improves your posture, stability, and coordination.

Learn to:

·Unlock” tension and resistance and discover a new range of motion.

· Learn to sit and stand with ease and balance

· Leverage yourself to find YOUR center

· Rid yourself of old habits

· Improve posture, balance and flexibility


Years of athletic training, repetitive movements, sitting behind a desk, driving a car, dealing with stress and nursing old injuries often leads to restrictive movement patterns that overuse parts of the body and lead to pain and stiffness. These habitual patterns become so ingrained that we lose sight of the protentional to be flexible, coordinated and the freedom to move. Explore gentle movements to discover your balance, play with balance, and utilize it so you feel stable when you need it most. The class guides you through gentle movements that encourages exploration and curiosity based on the Feldenkrais Method and Go4Life principles.