About Dotti

For years I struggled with muscle tension and cramps that zapped my energy and kept me up at night.  During the day, I experienced spiking nerve sensations to the point that my husband had to help put my socks on. I wore slip-on shoes because I couldn't bend to tie my shoes. Pushing in the clutch of my Subaru, no way.....the list goes on, and on.  Socially, I became reclusive, because holding a social conversation while dealing with pain was more than I could handle.

After attending an Awareness Through Movement (ATM) lessons, I felt absolutely GREAT, my spine moved.  I felt like I had just dropped 30 years in the way I moved, it was awesome!  To keep the "giddy-up" in my step I started doing several mini-ATMs lessons each day, 20-30 minutes each.  I woke-up early to fit an ATM in before I went to work, at lunch time, before dinner and right before bed.  If you're doing the math, you probably saying, yikes, four ATM lessons each, day, you got it, 2 +- hours per day, for at least three months, and my symptoms faded!

Honestly, the time I spend doing ATMs, I got back, every moment.  When your energy and mobility is restored, that's a HUGE motivator.

After four years of Feldenkrais training, my greatest satisfaction is sharing how to move with greater ease and comfort.  From athletes to seniors, all ages, all abilities you can learn how to move more efficiently.