Insightful Body Moves for those who want to

MOVE with greater EASE and COMFORT.
Each Wed. through Nov. 15th 2017, then a holiday break.

Have fun, make new friends and develop a community that understand issues related to flexibility, balance and coordination.

This Insightful Body Movement class is designed to increase mobility, flexibility, stability and to encourage camaraderie and socialization.  Stiff joint, replacement joints, Parkinson's, brain injuries, MS...folks with mobility issues are welcome.  This class meets each Wednesday and will bring refreshing insights to how you move throughout the day.  Movements from John Argue's exercise program titled: The Art of Moving, the Feldenkrais and HANDLE Methods are our guides.

Whether seated or standing, participants explore movement and live music in ways that are refreshing, social, and stimulating.  Participants will discover the therapeutic value of exercise and how movement can provide more confidence in your daily activities.  You are provided with an exercise guide with visual prompts that cover:

Balance:  Practicing and improving balance and learning how to prevent falls.

Grounding: Waking-up the feet by feeling where one bears weight.

Feet:  Explore the sensation of our feet, our gait, and movement in the ankle, knees and hips.

Falling:  Fall prevention, fall more softly, and how to get up.

Walking and Standing steady:  Cadence, amplitude, tempo, swing, rotation, develop rhythmic techniques that carry one forward.

Vocalizing:  Creating good vibration by waking up the lips, jaw, face and self-expression.

Focusing:  redirecting the “frozen” focus by freeing the opposite and shifting one’s weight.

Audio postcard:  National Public Radio describes the power to keep moving.



                Much thanks to HCOA for sponsoring this class.

                Much thanks to HCOA for sponsoring this class.

Dates: Each Wednesday, through Nov. 15th 2017, then a holiday break.
Time :  10:30am - 11:45am

Location:  Homer Council on the Art (HCOA), Homer, Alaska, 355 W. Pioneer Avenue.

Cost: HCOA member discounts and membership starts at $25.

Drop-ins welcome! 

Register with HCOA at 355 W. Pioneer Ave.

Class warm up.  

Class warm up.